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Florida Longnose Gar

Florida Longnose Gar

Scientific Name: Lepisosteus sp.
Ease of Care: Moderate
Approximate Arrival Size: 6 to 14 inches, depending on season
Approximate Full Size: 40 to 60 inches
Known Restrictions: Illegal in Arizona, Texas, California and Connecticut
Native Region: North America
Temperament: Aggressive
Diet: Carnivore

This fish is illegal in the states of Arizona, Texas, California and Connecticut

This torpedo-shaped fish likes to lurk near the surface of the aquarium and will quickly dart out to catch live foods. Most can be trained to take meaty prepared foods in addition to the feeder fish. The body is white to gunmetal gray with black blotches running down the midline of the body into the fins. The fins are rather stubby looking compared to the body. The mouth on this species is extended more so than other Gars. An aggressive fish, the Long Nose Gar should only be housed fish other fish that are too large to eat and that will not try to nip at the Gar's fins. Floating vegetation or plants extending from the bottom to the top of the tank will provide cover for the Florida Gar. A good, sturdy lid will be required to keep this fish from jumping out of the tank.

PetSolutions lists this fish as Florida Longnose Gar for a reason. There is a Florida Gar and there is a Longnose Gar, and there are hybrids of the two fish which have cross bred. The fish we receive are called Florida Longnose Gar by the importer, due to the fact that the fish may be one, the other, or a hybrid of the two. Short of genetic level testing, it is unable to be determined specifically which type of fish it truly is. Snout size, body shape, etc. are NOT accurate determining factors in juveniles of either fish, despite previous inaccurate information which spread widely through the internet.

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