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  • Dragon Goby  Full Length View
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Dragon Goby

Scientific Name: Gobioides broussonnetii
Ease of Care: Easy
Approximate Arrival Size: 4 to 6 inches
Approximate Full Size: 25 inches
Native Region: South America
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive
Diet: Carnivore

Possibly the most elongated goby, it can reach up to 25" in length with a flattened head, beady eyes and elongated dorsal fin running two-thirds of its body length. The body is steel gray with large iridescent scales, with darker highlights along the dorsal ridge and central lateral line. The Dragon will perch on rocks or even burrow into a sandy substrate. It should be provided with lots of plant and rock hiding places. It will do well with multiple members of its family, but should be housed with only docile tankmates. If the Dragon Goby is kept in too small of a space, it will fight with its family members. Eating small insects in the wild, it should be offered meaty foods, bloodworms, tubifex worms and frozen brine shrimp. It may eat sinking carnivore foods and will relish small live worms.

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