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Mollies for Freshwater Aquariums

Mollies are peaceful livebearers which are well suited to a community aquarium. These fish are prolific breeders, and there will often be babies around in an aquarium populated by mollies. Mollies are available in a variety of colors and body styles including silver, black, dalmatian, cremecicle, and balloon body. The balloon molly is named after the appearance of its body, which is very round while the others are all named for the color of the fish. Mollies are omnivores who will eat nearly any food they are offered, and they are even known to nibble at green hair algae from time to time.

Assorted Balloon Molly 100

Assorted Balloon Molly

Beautiful fish
Pros: They are all beautiful and lively.
Cons: Nothing!!
This is a great place to order from! Shipping was fast and everything was packaged great! My fish are amazing and everyone was alive. They even threw in an extra which was unexpected! Thank you!!