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Guppy Fish for Freshwater Aquariums

Fancy guppies are an iconic freshwater fish in the same way clownfish are an iconic saltwater fish. PetSolutions sells both male and female guppies of nearly every variety we have here on our website. The guppy is a livebearer, meaning it gives birth to live baby fish. Guppies are prolific breeders, so if there are males and females in an aquarium then generally it isn't a matter of if there will be babies in the tank, it is a matter of when there will be babies in the tank. Guppies are available in a great many colors, and some people will even go so far as to coordinate the color of their fish with their house furnishings.

Blue Guppy (Male)
Fancy Guppy (Male) On Sale!
Fancy Guppy (Male)
Was: $4.39
Save: $1.40
Gold Cobra Guppy (Male) On Sale!
Gold Cobra Guppy (Male)
Was: $4.49
Save: $1.30
Flamingo Guppy (Male)
Sunrise Guppy (Male)