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CB Citrus Bearded DragonCB Citrus Bearded Dragon
  • CB Citrus Bearded Dragon
  • CB Citrus Bearded Dragon
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CB Citrus Bearded Dragon

Scientific Name: Pagona vitticeps
Ease of Care: Easy
Approximate Arrival Size: Baby: 4 to 6 inches
Approximate Full Size: 24 inches
Temperament: Peaceful, even tempered.
Diet: Omnivore
Recommended Habitat Size: 20 inches baby or young. 48 inches adult.

CB Citrus Bearded Dragons are native to the deserts of Australia. When threatened, they flatten their bodies and flare out their throat, which is covered with spines, giving them a bearded appearance. Since they are active, social animals that become very tame, this behavior is seldom seen in captivity. They will eat out of your hand and appear to enjoy handling and petting. These lizards have been bred in captivity for almost 20 years and are very popular pets because of their attractive appearance and unique personalities. These lizards have very high metabolism and frequent sifting of the substrate to remove feces is required.

When using an under tank heater with a bearded dragon, care should be used. Only use an under tank heater that is no longer than half the length of the habitat, and only use one when substrate is used in the habitat. Using an under tank heater with a bearded dragon in a bare bottom tank may result in injury to your beardie.

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