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Snowflake Eel

Snowflake Eel

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Medium (Sri Lanka)
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Scientific Name: Echidna nebulosa
Ease of Care: Easy
Approximate Arrival Size: Small:5 to 8 inches; Medium:9 to 12; Large:13 to 16 inches; X-Large:17+ inches
Approximate Full Size: 36 inches
Native Region: Pacific Ocean
Recommended Aquarium Size: 75+ Gallons
Temperament: Aggressive
Diet: Carnivore

The Snowflake Eel is a hardy, excellent addition to the marine aquarium. It is brown and black with cream colored "snowflakes" marking its body. At a maximum length in the wild of three feet, it does not grow as large as some other eels, adding to its popularity for the home aquarium. Largely a nocturnal feeder, the Snowflake Eel will often be visible during the day, even if only when peering out from under or between any decorative rock provided. The Snowflake Eel can be found in many parts of the Pacific Ocean, including the Red Sea, Japan, Hawaiian Islands, Southern California, and Central America. Eels are hearty eaters who also produce a great deal of waste. Because of this, a well-established aquarium and excellent water filtration is highly recommended. This species may even learn to eat from the owner's hands (but be careful of the strong jaws.) The Snowflake Eel is a carnivore who prefers meaty foods including silversides, krill, clam, and carnivore preparations. It may be kept with other fish, as long as the fish do not fit into the Eel's mouth. The Snowflake Eel will likely devour any crustaceans with which it is kept. As with all Eels, an aquarium with a tight-fitting cover must be provided to prevent escape.

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