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Cat Laser Light Toys

Cat laser toys are the perfect cat toy for cats that like to chase toys that move quickly. The laser light moving across the wall or floor at a fast speed attracts cats' attention and puts cats into hunt mode. When you use a laser cat toy to play with your cat, you are helping your cat hone hunting skills, since your cat is focused on the chase. Laser light cat toys can make the most finicky cats start to play, hunt, chase, and pounce. PetSolutions has both automatic cast lasers and manual cat laser toys.

FroliCat Bolt Interactive Laser Toy 100

FroliCat Bolt Interactive Laser Toy

Dogs like it too!!!
Pros: hours of fun and she doesn't tear up the house or yard. She sleeps through the night, and is extremely fun to watch.
Cons: she's 50 pounds and nothing stops her from getting the laser even if its on a person...
This review kept my DOG playing doe ever. She was having so much fun and after the laser was turned off she would still look for it. It helps a lot when you are trying to get things done.