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Asian Forest ScorpionAsian Forest Scorpion
  • Asian Forest Scorpion
  • Asian Forest Scorpion
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Asian Forest Scorpion

Scientific Name: Heterometrus sp.
Ease of Care: Easy
Approximate Arrival Size: 3 to 5 inches
Approximate Full Size: 3 to 5 inches
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive
Diet: Carnivore. Crickets, pinky mice as an adult.
Recommended Habitat Size: 2 to 10 gallon aquarium or equivalent

The Asian Forest Scorpion is an excellent beginner scorpion for someone who wants to have an animal that is a little more aggressive than the Emperor Scorpion, but very similar size and appearance. Two to three inches of substrate is appropriate, and a jungle type material is appropriate to help retain moisture for humidity. A coconut based substrate would be excellent for this. These animals can be kept in groups, but not pairs, so at least three in one habitat if several are being kept. A very shallow, wide water dish. Occasional misting of habitat each week to keep humidity in the upper 70% range.

All scorpions should be considered dangerous, since they have a toxic venom. Those who are allergic to the sting of other creatures such as bees should never handle a scorpion.

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