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Algae wafers and spirulina flakes are key parts of an herbivore's diet. Algae wafers are typically fed to fish in freshwater aquariums, especially plecostomus, while spirulina flakes are fed to both freshwater and saltwater fish. These vegetable based diets are also created with the extra nutritional needs of your fish in mind, and they are vitamin enhanced to provide a complete diet. Even though this food is created as a complete diet, it is best to offer as much of a variety as possible to the diet of your fish. With herbivores it would also benefit most of them to include an omnivore diet as well.

Formula Two Marine Pellet Food 100

Formula Two Marine Pellet Food

Pros: Fish love this food..stay in great shape and color
Cons: price
Used their food for years..both 1 and 2 clouding