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Toys for guinea pigs should focus around what they love to do, which is nibbling and burrowing. Simple things, like feeding balls, nibbler twigs, or sisal carrots, are great play items for your guinea pig. Just think the simpler, the better. You should experiment with different toys, provide a variety, and change the location of toy placement to prevent boredom. Do not try getting a hamster ball or any kind of wheel - your guinea pig will not know how to use these items and may hurt himself. When looking for a toy, just remember: any toy you give your guinea pig will end up in his mouth.

Combo Chew Puzzle 16 pieces 100

Combo Chew Puzzle 16 pieces

Great for hamsters
Pros: My hamster loves them
Cons: None
My hamster started chewing it right when I put it in his cage ,so seems to be enjoying this new toy. Will be buying more.