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GloFish® Moonrise Pink Tetra

GloFish® Moonrise Pink Tetra

Scientific Name: Gymnocorymbus ternetzi
Ease of Care: Easy
Approximate Arrival Size: 1 to 1.5 inches
Approximate Full Size: 2 to 3 inches
Native Region: South America (Glofish are not found in the wild)
Temperament: Peaceful
Diet: Omnivore

Buy GloFish Moonrise Pink Tetras at PetSolutions! Unlike other GloFish® fluorescent fish, which are Zebra Danios, the Moonrise Pink Tetra is a variation of the White Skirt Tetra. The Moonrise Pink are created with selective breeding of the White Skirt Tetra, using a certain gene in the fish to produce the Moonrise Pink color.

GloFish® Moonrise Pink Tetras are not injected or dyed. They breed and reproduce naturally with this fluorescent color. These Tetras look great under either regular daylight bulbs or under an actinic bulb. One of the hardier Tetras, this peaceful fish prefers to school and will do fine in well-lit aquariums. While requiring some swimming space, this freshwater fish will also appreciate cover along the perimeter of the aquarium. Schooling fish, they will do best when there are more than 3 Moonrise Pink Tetras in the school. Generally peaceful, they can match up with just about any other type of fish that is not large enough to eat them. While this Tetra might prefer softer, acidic water conditions, most can adapt to a wide range of water parameters.

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