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Buy GloFish® Fluorescent Fish

Choose from designer-bred Zebra Danios,Tetras & Barbs with fluorescent protein genes, which allows the fluorescent fish to absorb light & re-emit it. This gives GloFish the perception of "glowing," especially with a black light in a dark room. Choose from our wide variety of Glofish tank mates. Zebra Danio GloFish colors are Electric Green, Starfire Red, Sunburst Orange, Cosmic Blue & Galactic Purple. GloFish Tetra colors are Electric Green, Moonrise Pink & Sunburst Orange. The GloFish Barb is Electric Green. GloFish are relatively hardy schooling fish. GloFish tank mates include Catfish, Platies, Mollies, Gouramis & other community freshwater fish.