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Cat Furniture & Scratchers

Pamper your cat with unique furniture made exclusively made for them. It is important to provide you cat with their own personal space to relax and place. Kitty furniture offers different climbers and hide-outs to perch on, explore and nap. Another kind of furniture are scratchers, allow your cat trim their nails while scratching the post. Furniture is designed specifically with a cats need to exercise in mind. Providing multiple pieces of furniture placed sporadically around your house will give them added entertainment and pleasure.

Ultimate Scratching Post 100

Ultimate Scratching Post

My Cat Has an Unusual Love for This Post
Pros: Very stable, holding up well so far
Cons: Not a con on function, but the color doesn't match my room
Recently I lost my last older cat at the age of 18, and after a few months I got a 6 month old cat. I decided I wasn't going to have her declawed, so scratching posts have become important to me to sa...