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Full Aquarium Set-Up

Just add water! Some of these aquarium kits come with everything you need to set up a complete aquarium system except the water, while others will have nearly everything you need and you just need to add a few basic components. Six gallon all the way through 200 gallons with sizes like the 150 gallon aquarium and other sizes in between are all found in this area. There are several advantages to buying a complete aquarium set, just one of which is that all of the components are made to go together so it takes the guesswork out of setting up your system.

Fluval EDGE 6 Gallon, 12 Gallon, & Accessories 100

Fluval EDGE 6 Gallon, 12 Gallon, & Accessories

Pros: Quiet, beautiful, great quality
Cons: Small opening
This tank is just stunning, I can't say that enough. No water line, no unsightly cords or filter, everything is hidden. Very modern, clean lines. The light looks amazing, the blue LEDs look super cool...