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Fry is another name for baby fish, which are very tiny and are at a very fragile time in their lives. Not only is protection from predators important, but having proper nutrition is essential for proper growth and development of the young fish. Before the advent of fry food, often newborn fry would be fed crushed flake food. While this is still an option, flake food is not developed specifically for fry and it may lack some of the key nutrients young fish need. Fry food is very tiny, and should be fed in small amounts to avoid waste.

New Life Spectrum Small Fish Formula Fish Food 100

New Life Spectrum Small Fish Formula Fish Food

Yea is really smal perfect for small fish
Pros: yea smells good i guess fish well like it. they it it almost all.
Cons: well maybe nothing lol.
i have been feeding my pair of occelaris clownfish with this... they are eating like pigs!