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Assassin SnailAssassin Snail - Left Side View
  • Assassin Snail
  • Assassin Snail - Left Side View
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Assassin Snail

Scientific Name: Clea helena
Ease of Care: Easy
Approximate Arrival Size: .5 inch to .75 inch
Temperament: Peaceful, except toward other snails
Diet: Carnivore

Assassin Snail

The Assassin Snail is a welcome addition to almost any freshwater live plant tank for its renowned ability to kill and eat pest snails, such as Malaysian Trumpet Snails, that often overrun an aquarium with live plants. These snails are carnivores, and will eat other snails in addition to eating any meaty food not eaten by fish or shrimp in the aquarium. It would be beneficial to occasionally drop a few shrimp pellets into the aquarium to be certain these snails have enough to eat.

For snail control it is generally recommended there be 4 to 6 Assassin Snails per 20 gallons of water. They will usually not eliminate every single last snail in an aquarium (though it is possible) but they will get them so much under control that you don't even think about the Malaysian Trumpet Snail pests anymore while your hired Assassins are on the job.

It is important to note that these invertebrates should not be housed with loaches, puffers, or cichlids all of which may eat the Assassin. However, this snail makes a great tank mate for freshwater shrimp and peaceful freshwater aquaria both as a scavenger and as snail control. It makes a great alternative to corydoras catfish and loaches. This snail will prefer a finer substrate, since it does like to burrow, so keep that in mind if you don't see the snail when you look around your aquarium.

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