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Eco-Complete Planted Aquarium SubstrateEco-Complete Planted Aquarium SubstrateEco-Complete Planted Aquarium Substrate - Red
  • Eco-Complete Planted Aquarium Substrate
  • Eco-Complete Planted Aquarium Substrate
  • Eco-Complete Planted Aquarium Substrate - Red
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Eco-Complete Planted Aquarium Substrate


Start your aquarium off right with live Freshwater Eco Complete Planted Aquarium Substrates from CaribSea. Eco-Complete substrate is biologically and meralogically active, containing live-purifying bacteria to create a natural balance and cycle your aquarium faster. The Eco-Complete Plant substrate contains Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sulfur and over 25 other trace elements to nourish your aquatic plants. This iron rich substrate eliminates the need for laterie and the natural black color brings out the brightest colors of your fish.

NOTE: Eco-Complete may elevate pH above neutral and therefore may not be suitable for Discus sp., P. altum, and sensitive freshwater shrimp.

Eco-Complete Planted Red Eco-Complete Planted Black Eco-Complete Planted Black Fine
Live Bacteria Yes Yes Yes
pH Neutral Yes Yes Yes
Soluble Iron Content High High Yes
Ave. Small Grain Size 0.25 mm 3.0 mm 0.25 mm
Ave. Large Grain Size 7.0 mm 6.0 mm 3.0 mm
Soft Belly Safe Yes Yes Yes
Burrower Friendly No No No
Surface Area High High High


Use two pounds per gallon, or more, of Eco-Complete™ Planted Aquarium Gravel. The ideal bed depth is at least three inches. Do not rinse and include water in bag as it contains a water conditioning solution.

How much Eco Complete™ Planted do I need to use?

A layer of about 2 inches would be adequate for some tanks but we recommend at least three inches.

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