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Fluorescent Bulbs for Reptiles

Fluorescent reptile bulbs contain both UVA and UVB spectrum in the bulbs, which are important for the survival of non nocturnal animals. A UV light helps aid a reptile with calcium absorption which will stave off the onset of metabolic bone disease. Metabolic bone disease is a horrible thing, as the jawbone and other bones of an animal become flimsy and rubbery and they suffer terribly. Using a proper desert or tropical fluorescent bulb will save the animal from that fate. This is very common in iguanas, but does effect other animals such as bearded dragons as well.

Slimline Reptile Fixture 100

Slimline Reptile Fixture

Good lite for my turtles
Pros: easy to use
Cons: replacing the bulb is hard to do
I bought this lite for my turtle tank,it works great, allowing my turtle good basking light.