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Floss & Foam Aquarium Filter Media

Aquarium filter foam and floss are used for mechanical filtration in many different filters on the market today. The purpose of this material is to trap pieces of uneaten fish food and fish waste, making it easier to remove from the aquarium at maintenance time. It is important to replace or rinse mechanical filter media such as this a couple of times each month to prevent it from becoming clogged and ineffective. Filter foam is typically sized specifically for certain filters and is created by the manufacturer of that filter.

Filter Floss 100

Filter Floss

Finnally found it !
Pros: Catches all the debris sponges miss
Cons: Gets dark fast
Back in the day all we had in our filters was activated carbon and filter floss. Sparkling clear tanks. All the lfs do not carry any longer, so I went on ebay and found from this co.I took my Discus o...