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Aquarium Buffers

Aquarium Buffers allow you to adjust and maintain the water parameters to match those required by fish from different regions of the world. Most South American fish prefer soft water with a neutral to acidic pH (6.0-7.5) while the cichlids from Africa prefer hard water with a high pH (7.5-9.0). Marine salt mixes usually will self-buffer to a pH 8.2, but overfeeding/overcrowding will cause the pH to drop, requiring use of one of the marine buffers to help maintain the pH in the right range.

Kent Marine Pro-Buffer dKH 100

Kent Marine Pro-Buffer dKH

no brainer
Pros: no mixing
Cons: none
have used kent products for years with no problems. they were bought by another company a few years ago but I see no difference in quality. the pro buffer is much easier to use in the liquid form with...