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Appetite Enhancement Fish Food

Some fish are notoriously picky and may need encouragement to begin feeding when introduced to a new aquarium. Appetite enhancers started becoming common in the aquarium hobby just a few years ago, and the primary ingredient in these products is garlic. Some of the most picky eaters in the saltwater hobby are butterflyfish, but with a butterfly it is not just a matter of the supplement but also learning the way the fish wants to be fed to have success. An example of this is many butterflyfish prefer to eat their food by picking it off of rocks in the aquarium.

Garlic Xtreme 100

Garlic Xtreme

Kent Marine Garlic Xtreme
Pros: Awesome Product
Cons: None
If your saltwater/reef tank contains a Powder Blue Tang, this product is an absolute must have. Once I got an ich outbreak under control with an extended use of Seachem's Metroplex and a UV sterilize...