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Ferrets are very inquisitive animals who love to entertain. They make toys out of anything they find, whether or not the items are safe. To prevent health problems from digesting small things, give your ferret toys made specifically for him. Ferrets love to tunnel, and the Octoplay provides a cozy rest area and multiple tunnels for hiding. Bouncy balls are great for interacting with your ferret or letting him play alone. A great ball for ferrets is the Shake, Rattle & Roll, as the paw-shaped cut-outs to provide your ferret a better grip. Just remember to supervise your ferret during playtime!

Ferret Play Tunnel 100

Ferret Play Tunnel

Great for Lovebirds too!
Pros: easy to clean, pets use them a lot
Cons: none
Although these tunnels were made for ferrets, I had a hunch that my towel-loving Lovebirds might enjoy them as well. These Ferret Play Tunnels have become both bed and favorite play area for my Lovies...