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Ferrets are the third most popular pet after dogs and cats. These small and curious bundles of fur are mischievous and must be kept entertained with ferret approved toys and exercise. Providing soft places to snuggle and a metal cage with bar spacing less than 1 ¼” is important for housing your ferret. When feeding, a diet high in meat protein, including ferret treats that have some meat base, will keep your ferret healthy. You can litter box train your ferret, as well.

FerretSheen 2 in 1 Deodorizing Ferret Shampoo 100

FerretSheen 2 in 1 Deodorizing Ferret Shampoo

great shampoo1
Pros: smells great,gently cleans and conditions
Cons: artificale not shampoo your ferret more often than once a month
Great product! I have used it for over 24 years now. But do not give you ferret a bath more than once a month. If you do they will always smell strong ferrety.Everytime you give them a bath you strip...