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Ferret Dental Care

Ferrets have teeth more similar to dogs, and their teeth need to be taken care of in a similar manner to dogs. Ferrets need crunchy food instead of soft food, so chewing food helps scrape off plaque. Dental chew treats also help with ferret dental care. Pet toothbrushes and toothpaste should be used twice a month to remove any plaque and tartar so your ferret's teeth stay healthy and white.

Ferret Chew Treats 100

Ferret Chew Treats

All 3 of my Ferrets love them!
Pros: Easily stored and must be easy to chewup
Cons: Some seem to be stale or rather harder to bend in half. (and wish I could buy them in bulk!)
All my 3 Ferrets love them! They would rather eat them all day long if you would let them have the bag to themselves. I've trained mine to 'ask me 1st before they take a 1/2 of stick out of the bag......