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Electronic Dog Trainers

Electronic trainers are a safe way to help train your dog. Designed for both professional dog trainers and average dog owners, you can teach your dog to stop unwanted behaviors by using training collars for dogs. Behaviors like digging, chewing on furniture, jumping up, or barking can be addressed. Dog training collars can be used for basic obedience, as well. Other electric training devices that can help are Scat Mats, which trains your dog to stay off furniture. You can also use electronic barriers to prevent your pup from entering selected areas of the house instead of setting up gates.

PetSafe Basic Remote Dog Trainer 100

PetSafe Basic Remote Dog Trainer

This training collar was a MIRACLE!
Pros: Good Construction, Easy Set Up, Easily Cleaned, Easy To Assemble
I have a young Irish Setter who developed a very bad habit that I was not able to break. He was jumping up on everyone and nipping and biting all the time, even tearing holes in our clothing. For ov...