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Dog Waste Digesters

Dog waste disposal systems are great ways to compost your dog's waste while maintaining a clean yard. Basically a dog septic tank system, pet waste digesters work by using enzymes and bacteria to reduce your dog's waste into a ground absorbing liquid. One of the popular dog poop composter brands is the Doggie Dooley, but there are many types of waste digesters on the market. Most types contain foot-operated lid openers so you can easily pop the lid and release your poop scooper into the ground container. Doggie septic systems provide a sanitary, odorless, and clean way to dispose of dog waste.

Doggie Dooley Model 3000 100

Doggie Dooley Model 3000

Install per directions
Pros: Nice foot pedal, easy maintenance
Cons: foot pedal can break not all seasons in the north
You MUST install this product in a drain hole with gravel or stones under it. If you take the garden hose and flush every week you will keep the odor down. Remember you are pitching leaves, twigs gr...