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Dog treats are great flavorful tidbits you can use as a reward or a little snack. Dog treats come in all sorts of flavors, shapes, sizes & consistencies. Dog biscuits are usually harder treats, somewhat like a thick cracker or cookie. Dog chews are usually softer tidbits in small sizes & can be used for obedience training. Dental treats, like Greenies, are usually harder treats molded with bumps or notches to help clean plaque & tartar from your dog's mouth. You can also find fortified treats, diet treats, or natural treats (think cow's ear) to satisfy all ages, needs, and weight groups.

Darford Mega Natural Bones 100

Darford Mega Natural Bones

These are huge and super crunchy
Pros: large size, extra crunchy, no animal products (P'Nut variety)
Even the Junior size is a large bone. My Rottweiler-mix stole one out of the shipping box before I had a chance to unpack it, and she was chewing for a long time. Because of the size and crunchiness, ...