Save on Dog Flea and Tick

Dog Shed Control Supplies

Indoors dogs will constantly shed throughout the year. However, summertime is usually the worst. You can help reduce the amount of fur sitting around your house with some proactive measures. A deshedding brush, such as a Furminator, will remove your dog's undercoat. Using a dog brush for shedding in addition to your dog's normal brush will remove extra fur before it lands on your carpet. Vitamins supplements, like Linatone or Shed Stop, can also help your dog sustain a healthy coat and regulate shedding. For fur that is already off your dog, a pet hair magnet can help you spot clean.

Furminator for Long Haired Dogs 100

Furminator for Long Haired Dogs

best dog brush ever!
Pros: less vacuuming
Cons: still have to brush the dog
I love this brush! I think its from heaven. I have huskies and they shed everywhere. It use to take me hrs to brush both of them and get less hair off of them, then it takes me in twenty mins with the...