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Dog Scoops & Bags

When taking your dog on a walk or taking care of your yard, you may need some doggie doo bags or a pooper scoop. While dog waste is a fact of life, responsible pet owners clean up after their dogs when on public property, and most people prefer to clean up waste deposited in their yards. When going on a walk or taking your dog to public property, doggie doo bags or poop bag dispensers can be used to clean up after your pup. At home, pooper scoopers can gather your dog's waste and dispose into a bag. Research the different poop scoops to find the best option for you.

Earth Rated Poop Bags Dispenser 100

Earth Rated Poop Bags Dispenser

Pros: Cost effective, scented (it helps for a second or two!)
Cons: None
I love these bags and holders. Buy the refills by the case.