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Rope Dog Toys

Dogs love to tug, fetch, and chew. The perfect type of toy to satisfy all three behaviors is a rope toy for dogs. Some dog rope toys are designed to be primarily tug toys, while others contain tennis balls and are great for fetching. Other dog rope toys contain knots in the middle. When dogs chew on these rope knots, they scrape their teeth against the ropes. This scraping reduces dogs' tartar and plaque while cleaning their gums. Rope toys with knots are great for strong chewers, since the rope fibers are very difficult to break down.

2 Knot Rope Bone Dog Toy 100

2 Knot Rope Bone Dog Toy

Great Tug of War
Pros: My dogs love this tug
Works as it is billed--great for a tug of war and for cleaning my dogs' teeth--both love it!