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Leashes and Leads

Finding the best dog leash for you and your furry companion can be tough. There are so many price ranges and material options, like nylon dog leashes, leather leads or retractable leashes. You can even get a double dog lead for walking two dogs at once. When you buy the right dog leash, remember that leashes are used for control when walking in public places. Find one with a comfortable grip at a walking length you both like. Once you make those decisions, you are free to go where your paws take you.

Jump Bungee Dog Leashes 100

Jump Bungee Dog Leashes

I wave way more control
Pros: My dogs hardly pull and stay closer to me. I am in control!
Cons: It's much harder playing Pokemon Go while I walk two dogs.
I switched to the Jump Bungee leash from the retractable ones today. I have two dogs about 50 pounds each. I feel like I have much more control than with the retractables and I am confident I will g...