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Maintaining your dog's health is an important part of being a pet owner. Dogs do not understand they need dental care, clean ears, eye care, first aid assistance, wormers, or anti-itching remedies. Watch your dog to see if any health-related symptoms appear so you can take care of the issues immediately. You can also perform regular health maintenance to help prevent any problems from developing. Aside from maintenance, like brushing your dog's teeth, or watching for symptoms, like excessive amounts of scratching, enjoy time with your dog to provide a well-rounded health care plan.

Pet Kelp Probiotic 100

Pet Kelp Probiotic

This is the best probiotic!!
Pros: easily to use, tolerated well by pets, reasonable in cost
Cons: Recently was sold to another company. Hope it is still affordable and available.
My pets responded well to this probiotic. It costs less than most other products. It also has a side benefit of creating a super soft coat on my 3 terriers.