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Indoor Dog Gates

Indoor gates create portable containment options for your dog that can easily be moved to different places in your house if needed. Pet gates are effective barriers to use in your home to keep your dog safe and out of the way when potentially harmful activities to your dog could be occurring. Doggie gates can also keep your pet away from guests who may be scared of dogs. While your dog may be blocked from participating in the activity, gates are great for still letting them see what is occurring outside of the gated area so they do not feel abandoned.

Extra Tall Pet Gate with Extensions 100

Extra Tall Pet Gate with Extensions

Bought my first about 6mo ago.
Pros: Everything about the gate.
Cons: Needs a BOGO deal...
This is our 2nd gate that we have now purchased. We are still very impressed as our friends are with the first gate. Have since looked around for comparables with our gate and have found not a single ...