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Dog fleas and ticks are a huge problem due to how quickly they multiply. Fleas can spread on your dog and throughout your house or yard before you have a chance to blink. Your dog, home, and yard should be treated together to effectively manage a flea infestation and prevent potential problems. Many different flea and tick control treatments are available for your dog and all areas of your home. Remedies include topical treatments, foggers, shampoos, collars, combs, and more. Attack your tick or flea problem with proven dog flea treatment options and get rid of those little pests today!

Fleatrol Spot On Flea Control for Dogs 100

Fleatrol Spot On Flea Control for Dogs

IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!
Pros: I have used nothing else for 10 years
I have used no other product since I discovered Fleatrol Spot On. It keeps my dogs free of them All. (ticks, fleas, mosquitos and flies) I recommend this product to everyone I know who owns a dog.