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Dog Exercise Pens

When you want to allow your dog to run around outside but do not have an above ground or underground fence, you can use a dog pen. They are also great if you want to allow your dog or puppy to play in a smaller area than your fenced land may allow. Dog playpens come in many different shapes and sizes, and they have many different features. Some exercise pens have a cover to provide shade or prevent your dog from jumping out. Play pens can also be used indoors - instead of gating off a room, you can designate a specific play area for your dog.

Black Finish Exercise Pens 100

Black Finish Exercise Pens

Can't Survive Puppyhood without These
Pros: Easy to put up and down, tall enough so dog can't jump out
Cons: Wish there was a door
I don't know how I ever survived without an x-pen. I have the 36" one for my Golden, and he does very well in it. They're great for when the puppy needs some chill time, or to block off large door way...