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Dog Doors

Dogs constantly like to go outside and come back in. Whether they want to go out to explore, spend time in the sun, or use the restroom, dogs go out a lot. This means they also have to come back in. If you do not have a dog door, this outside-inside dance can turn you into a doorman for your dog. Dog doors provide freedom for both you and your dog. Doggie doors can be used on storm doors, exterior walls, and sliding doors. Choose from single- to triple-flap systems with magnetic catches to ensure closure. Door flaps have expanding edges to create a seal against the weather.

PetSafe Freedom Patio Panel 100

PetSafe Freedom Patio Panel

Best Patio Panel!
Pros: Easy to install
Just like the other reviewer said, there is no need to drill anything into your door. You can just pop this into place and you have a patio door. This is important for renters. I have 3 small to me...