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Dog Diet Treats

All dogs enjoy treats, even dogs that are overweight. However, giving an obese dog regular treats can fuel weight gain, which is harmful to your dog's health. If you have a dog that has some extra weight, consider giving him diet dog treats. Low fat treats and low calorie dog treats help your dog with weight control while still allowing him to snack. You can even find some dental treats, sensitive stomach treats, or all natural treats that contain fewer fat and calories so that your overweight dog can get the same benefits out of treats as other dogs.

Fruitables Chewy Skinny Minis Dog Treats 100

Fruitables Chewy Skinny Minis Dog Treats

My little one LOVES these!
Pros: Great nutrition, easy to control
Cons: none
My 5 pound maltetsu is on a low protein diet, which is what made us try these in the first place. They are small and chewy, so we can control how many he has at one time. He loves the taste and we lo...