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Dental treats for dogs can help prevent common oral problems like bad breath, plaque, tartar, or irritated gums. Rawhides containing chlorophyll and parsley seed aid in keeping teeth clean and breath freshened. Other dental chews, such as Greenies dog treats, Twistix dental treats, or Iams Tartar Treats have nubs, rounded spikes, or twisted edges that really assist in scraping plaque and tartar away. Always remember to choose a dental treat that is the right size for your pup. A good standard is to give your dog a dental chew that is at least 2x as large as your dog's mouth to prevent choking.

Whimzees Hedgehog Dog Dental Treats 100

Whimzees Hedgehog Dog Dental Treats

My dogs LOVE these
Pros: lasts a long time, good chewing time, gluten-free
Cons: need to get the right size
I have given my dogs the large toothbrush and the large hedgehog. They LOVE these treats. One dog carries his treat around for about half an hour before he finally settles down to eat it. The other li...