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Keeping your dog's teeth clean is extremely important for his health. Not only does dental disease affect your dog's mouth, but the bacteria created by tartar and infections in your dog's mouth can cause problems with his heart, kidneys, intestinal tract, and joints. You can give your dog a good teeth cleaning at home using dog toothbrushes and tooth paste made for dogs - dog tooth paste has special enzymes that are safe for dogs, while human toothpaste can cause serious health problems. Dog dental chews will also help break down tartar and strengthen gums.

Greenies Dog Dental Chew Treats 100

Greenies Dog Dental Chew Treats

My dog's favorite treat!
Pros: Great dental care
Cons: None
I have been giving my dog (Black Lab) one Greenie a day for over 8 years and he loves them! I have not had to have any dental work done per my vet. He will pick this treat over any other and trust me,...