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Dog Containment Supplies

Dogs love to run free in their yards or houses. While it can be great fun to let them go where they please, using indoor and outdoor containment for your dogs may be necessary at certain times. Dog containment could be as simple as a tie out stake and line or as complex as an electronic fence. When indoors, a dog crate or wireless barrier can keep your dog safely out of the areas of the house you do not want him to be. When outdoors, a playpen, dog tie out, or electronic fence can keep your dog safely within the boundaries of your yard and out of the street.

Puppy Bumpers Stuffed Safety Collars 100

Puppy Bumpers Stuffed Safety Collars

Love these cute and useful bumpers!
Pros: Keeps my dogs in my fenced yard!
Cons: Wish my dogs weren't so rough on them, so they would last longer!
Get compliments on the designs and usefulness! They look so cute on my dogs! Would totally recommend for anyone with a little dog that gets out of your yard through rod iron fence!