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GripSoft Regular Slicker Brush

GripSoft Regular Slicker Brush

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The JW GripSoft Regular Slicker Brush is an ergonomic grooming tool that is ideal to use on your pet every day. It features a non-slip, egonomically designed rubber handle that creates a comfortable grip while you groom your pet. It also has a rounded head with slightly angled pins, which allows you to brush those hard-to-reach spots. It also allows less pressure to be used on the brush while working through your dog's coat, which decreases the chance of accidentally scratching your dog's skin. JW GripSoft Regular Slicker Brush is the ideal brush to use for daily brushing, which helps prevent ugly and painful matting. It is perfect for removing dead and shedding hair, even in double coated dog breeds! Make brushing more enjoyeable for both you and your pet with the GripSoft Regular Slicker Brush!

Does your dog have sensitive skin? Try the GripSoft Soft Pin Slicker Brush for a more comfortable brushing session.

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