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Dogs are natural chewers, since their livelihood in the past depended on their ability to chew through hard items. Today, this chewing instinct translates into trouble if your dog decides to chew through furniture or clothes. Keep your dog entertained and active by giving him chew toys. There are a variety chew toys, ranging from toys made for puppies to toys for aggressive chewers. Kongs, for example, come in a variety of sizes and strengths. Giving your dog an appropriate item to chew on will relieve some of his anxieties, provide him entertainment, and keep your personal belongings intact.

MarrowChews Durables 100

MarrowChews Durables

Huge Hit
Pros: Durable for chewers
My two shepards love these. Super hard nylon chew toy are one of the few chew toys I allow my kids to use.