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Dog Bathing Accessories

Bathing your dog may not be as simple as putting your dog in a tub and turning on water. Most dogs are not thrilled to get a bath and struggle. Luckily, there are easy bathing equipment solutions to make giving your dog a bath less of a chore. Dog bath sprayers turn your shower or utility sink into areas with a nozzle and hose to quickly rinse your pup. Bath tethers keep your dog safely in place by linking ropes to your dog's collar. Dog mats and hair snares are options to keep the floor of your shower safe. Finally, dog towels help dry off your wet pup quickly so he can get back to his day.

ConairPro Deluxe Pet Washer 100

ConairPro Deluxe Pet Washer

Where has this been my whole life!
Pros: So easy to put together
Cons: none
Headline says it all! This makes washing my two white doggies so easy and much faster. Before I was using a cup to rinse them off. Dreaded giving my dogs a bath! Now I don't mind doing it more often w...