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Dog Bark Control Supplies

Dogs bark for many reasons, from showing happiness to protecting family. While some barking is appreciated, excessive barking is a problem. Excessive barking is not bad if your dog has acres to roam, but that same barking is bad apartments or houses that are close together. For these situations, anti-barking devices can help teach your dog not to bark. Bark control collars come in many sizes and strengths. Indoor barking can be curbed with a "Bark Off." For a barking neighbor, you can take matters in your own hands with a bark control birdhouse - the barking will stop with no one the wiser.

PetSafe 3 Volt Battery Module RFA188 100

PetSafe 3 Volt Battery Module RFA188

Perfect replacement Battery.
Pros: Worked flawlessly
Cons: Not a standard battery
The original battery didn't last a year, most likely because the cat goes outside a lot. It keeps him in the yard. The battery was easily replaceable. I'll be curious to see how long this battery l...