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Dog Ball Fetch Toys

While not all dogs will fetch a ball (and even fewer will actually bring it back), some dogs are insanely ball crazy and will play fetch for hours with anyone who has the arm strength. There are many ball dog toys on the market, ranging from simple tennis balls to nobbly wobbly or giggle toys. Some toys are meant solely for fetching, while others do double time as fetch balls that also squeak and bounce for your dog's entertainment. In addition to balls, other fetch toys are available, including the ever popular frisbee, as well as discs or boomerangs.

Zogoflex Air Boz Dog Balls 100

Zogoflex Air Boz Dog Balls

The Perfect Ball!
Pros: It's squishy, it has designs, really durable, bouncy, floats, perfect size
Cons: I can't think of any
I bought this from my local store just to see if my dog would like it, turns out, he loves it! He always has it in his mouth and what's so great about it is that he can't chew through it because the b...