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Zilla Gut Load Cricket and Insect Food

Zilla Gut Load Cricket and Insect Food

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Zilla Gut Load Cricket and Insect Food contains carbohydrates, calcium, and beneficial calories, making it an ideal food source for crickets and meal worms. Zilla Gut Load prefills your reptile's food source with vital carbohydrates, calcium, calories, and vitamins, which in turn is digested by your reptile. Give your reptile the complete nutrition it needs by feeding crickets, mealworms, and king mealies that contain complete nutrition. Simply provide Gut Load to your feeder insects 24 hours prior to feeding your reptile for best nutrition.


Simply place a supply in the insect enclosure 24 hours before feeding to a reptile. It takes only 1/4 teaspoon per insect, and you’ll see the benefit in a healthier, more active pet.


Vital carbohydrates, calcium, calories and vitamins for complete nourishment.

Customer Reviews for Zilla Gut Load Cricket and Insect Food
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Great product crickets love it
Product size don't vary
It keeps the insect healthy for your reptile so that your reptile is healthy :)
Experience with Product: Long-time Pet Owner
Recommended: Yes

Easy to use
Some what makes a mess if not carefull
Great way to feed crickets to increase life span and for some vitamins for the reptile.
Experience with Product: 1-12 months
Experience in Hobby: Expert

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