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Conure Bird Food

Conures are a popular mid sized bird which is a member of the hookbill family. These birds are active, lively, and tend to be fairly noisy so when they get hungry they will usually let you know at the top of their lungs. Some conures and small parrots are a little more low key with their vocalizations (the Senegal Parrot for example) but conure food is also well suited to them due to their similar size and genetics. ZuPreem avian maintenance formulas are good for every day feeding, like Kaytee Conure foods are, but always remember to mix in other treats.

Zupreem Natural Medium/Large Parrot Food 100

Zupreem Natural Medium/Large Parrot Food

My cockatoo loves this.
Zoey my cockatoo eats this right up. I mix it with her vegetables and fruits.