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Cold Weather Pond Supplies

In the fall, it is important to prepare and maintain your pond and fish for the winter ahead and to ensure your pond remains healthy for the following spring. You should remove any debris that has built up over the summer at the bottom of the pond and add bacteria to speed up the breakdown process. Pond netting will prevent leaves from polluting the pond during the fall months. When the water temperature drops below 60 degrees, you will want to switch the fish to a wheat germ food. Pond de-icers will maintain a small hole in the surface of the ice for oxygen exchange.

Blackwater Cool Season Koi & Goldfish Food 100

Blackwater Cool Season Koi & Goldfish Food

best food ever
Pros: has garlic in it already
Cons: none
This food for the price has krill and plant protein and garlic in it and that adds to the winter heath of your fish.It also has fish oil and lots of vitamins in it .My other food did not have garli...