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Cichlid food is specially formulated for the needs of African or South American cichlids. Often when people think of cichlids, they think of carnivores, but that is not always correct. African cichlid food is vegetable based since most African cichlids are herbivores who only eat meat when it is easily available. South American cichlids, on the other hand, are usually carnivores. Because they often grow very large, they can eat small fish by swallowing them whole. Carnivorous fish can be fed a pellet fish food diet, as it contains a more complete variety of nutrients than live fish.

TetraCichlid Cichlid Crisps 100

TetraCichlid Cichlid Crisps

Great Product
Pros: Fish love them, and no mess!
Used this for years and the my cichlids love the and there's no mess.