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Catnip Cat Toys

Catnip cat toys are cat toys that have catnip either infused in the toy or else contain catnip within the toy. Catnip produces an effect in most cats that make them more playful. Integrating that playful feeling with tunnels, plush cat toys, or interactive toys makes cats enjoy their cat toys more. Catnip cat toys can be as small as a little catnip mouse or as big as a Kong Cat Wobbler.

Cosmic Catnip Toys 100

Cosmic Catnip Toys

Best Catnip Toys EVER
Pros: My cats stays high all the time
Cons: They love it too much
This is my #1 pet gift. Every cat loves these Cosmic Catnip Toys. I have bought every variety shown and more. Cosmic is hands down the best.